Images: Keep ratio in mobile

Proper scaling of images on mobile.
1. Webflow Designer

1. Background image as cover or image widget

You can either use an image as a background image and set the background image position set to Cover, or you can use an image widget, inside a container that is set to relative position and give the image a width of 100%. I recommend using images with aspect ratios that are the same as the aspect ratio in the section/container/div etc, where they will be used.

Same goes for sliders.

2. Section/Container/Div

width: 100%

3. Image inside Section/Container/Div

width: 100%

Hosting: Dropbox direct link

Use Dropbox to host external .js files or other things that can’t be hosted within Webflow

1. Use Dropbox for other files than images

Images can be stored within in Webflow where you also can grab it’s unique link via the Asset Manager. However, if you have other files that needs to be hosted, you need to find other solutions. Dropbox is one. This is how you use Dropbox as a host for .js files to name one example:

1. Upload file to your Dropbox account

2. Right click on the uploaded file and select Share

3. Copy the link adress and paste it somewhere where you can edit it

4. Replace with


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